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Point Five® windows and doors can be tailored to any architectural style or application, including European influence or historic renovation for luxury residential or commercial projects. Our product line is 100% flexible - virtually any shape, any size, or any design is possible. Visit the Point Five website.

Point Five Windows


Window types include, but not limited to: outswing casement, inswing casement, tilt-turn, awning, hopper, single hung, double hung, triple hung, fixed sash, and direct set. Windows can be bent, shaped and motorized.

Point Five Doors


Door types include, but not limited to: outswing door, inswing door, bi-fold door, lift and slide door, and pivot door. Doors can be bent, shaped, pocketed, screened or motorized.

Point Five Wood Species


Nothing accentuates the warmth and beauty of a home like rich wood species. Point Five builds windows and doors with some of the most exotic woods species available. FSC-certified wood species are also available.

Point Five Finishes


From all-wood units to aluminum clad, whether they are painted, stained or have a custom finishing technique, your choices are endless at Point Five. Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful finish that will stand the test of time.

Point Fve Window  Hardware


What really makes your windows and doors unique are the options you choose. Being that Point Five is all about customization, you can expect that the options you choose can be custom-made for you as well.